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Repair (1000mg CBD and 500mg CBG Isolate)-Custom Formulations


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Description :
Our custom formulation increases the contact area of the CBD by turning one particle into millions of smaller particles, which increases the bioavailability and absorption dramatically. Due to its water soluble nature these tincture are easily dissolved into water and more easily absorbed. It uses Lipid Encapsulated Proprietary technology and is a non detectable THC tincture.

Benefits :
There are Countless Benefits of CBD, Our water soluble tincture allows you to mix the CBD oil with your favorite non alcoholic beverage and it is absorbs better throughout the body. CBD can promote a healthy weight, aid in discomfort, support recovery, enhance clarity and focus, support joint health, relieve tension and stiffness and aid in a better night's rest.

Directions :
Shake gently before each use. Add this tincture to your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and wait a few minutes. No stirring or shaking necessary. Use once daily, or as recommended by your healthcare provider. Talk to your doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any prescribed medications. If any adverse reaction occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Refrigerate after opening

Size : 1 oz (30 ml)