February 09, 2023 Health, Beauty and Wellness

Did You See Our Ad in Bon Appétit Magazine?

Our full-page ad in Bon Appetit magazine hit the stands during the holidays this past December.

The crowded pages of the magazine were filled with last-minute gift ideas and delicious recipes for wowing holiday crowds with brilliant culinary prowess.

So, why did we choose to run a CBD ad in a food magazine during one of the busiest months of the year?

Aside from how many eyeballs we anticipated perusing the sweet and savory delicacies on every page, we recognize that making a memorable holiday includes good food and fellowship and good nutrition and health.

That’s where we come in.

We started our CBD business after our father experienced incredible relief from CBD products during his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Our experience in growing hops made for a natural transition to growing hemp.

We were so amazed by the effectiveness of the CBD products that brought Dad relief that we became committed to offering this same relief to others.

Over the past few years, we have seen the importance of adding the health benefits of CBD products into a daily health regimen. So we couldn’t imagine a better time to spread awareness in the new year.

Our Hilt Java Smart Blend Coffee is a perfect complimentary beverage for desserts and after-meal conversation. The subtle caffeine boost with non-jitter effects and the calming characteristics of CBD is a beautifully effective combination.

For other non-alcoholic beverages, our peppermint-flavored Water Soluble Nano Tincture is a perfect choice for increasing the absorption rate of CBD while enjoying a flavorful drink.

And how about getting your daily dose of CBD and apple cider vinegar with our Crushed Orchard ACV Gummies? Apple Cider Vinegar continues to be all the rage for its health benefits of healthier skin and digestive system and as an immune booster.

Check out our online store for other CBD products that can enhance any day of the year.

Today, we are a leading voice and supplier in the relevance of CBD for a healthy lifestyle, as we believe that what we put in and on our bodies deserves to entail the highest quality ingredients.

If you’re seeking a healthier lifestyle for you and yours, check out our online store under the SHOP button on our website.

Bon Appétit!